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today's the day

the day where we won't have time to make breakfast so we will be eating lots of things with sprinkles
where my babies think they are mama's best helpers as I try to set up for the event
when we are going to host our first shoe cutting party,in efforts to cut out as many shoe forms as possible
and raise as much money as we can
for Sole Hope.
an organization that God has brought into our lives and we are falling more in love with everyday
what they do
who they serve

Sole Hope is awe inspiring and hope that our little part helps in a big way.
Today is the day where we hope that we will do a small thing with great love and can only pray that we will help make a change for these sweet children in Africa. 
and while we're over here cutting fabric you can be praying that this event goes smoothly and that God will bless it.
You can be a part of this and can help change some lives.
You can donate to Sole Hope on my left sidebar by clicking on the donate button and it will direct you to paypal.
Your money will go towards a worthy cause as Sole Hope not only provides covered shoes for these sweet children but also provides jobs for the needy by teaching them the skill to sew these shoes together using the fabric we cut from these types of parties. 
Sole Hope is now washing the feet of the children and removing the jiggers from their hurting feet with each trip to Africa. 
Your donation makes all these things possible. Shoes, jobs, medical attention for these feet that have been infested with jiggers, but most importantly you are helping get the message of love and hope to these families. For them to see and understand God's great love and the power of His healing hand. 

will you join us this weekend in helping to make a change for these sweet beings?


Munchie's Mama said...

So e excited to be part if this even! Thanks for providing the opportunity!

Jenny said...

very cool :) good luck with it!

vintage grey said...

Hi Nat! Will be praying for you and everyone who comes over to help with your first shoe cutting party! Thanks for being such a faithful servant for the Lord! Have a blessed day! xo Heather

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Can't wait to hear/see how it went!