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 So I have some news, not major news but something I wanted to share.

I have the opportunity to be part of this amazing boutique at the end of July. I have been praying about doing a craft show for quite some time but haven't had the time to even think about embroidering up enough pieces to sell, all the while trying to just keep up with the everyday orders. 
Plus I wasn't sure if that was something I even wanted to do. I have been in constant prayer about what new direction God is taking my blog and shop. 
 Well, then I ran into miss Sarah, from Little Penelope Lane at the Queen Bee Market over the weekend, and she told me about this upcoming venture and how 100% of the booth fee is actually being donated to the Miss Wheelchair Foundation, and that stirred something in my heart.

I talked it over with Micah and he was just as excited as I was. Encouraging me to do it and reminding me  that even if I didn't sell anything what an opportunity to be able to give back and help support such a cause. 
 So I prayed, held my breathe, submitted my application and then sighed a huge relief knowing that this IS something I want to do and really feel a peace about moving forward and facing the unknown.
So with that being said, I'm closing the shop temporarily at the end of this week so I can start preparing for this boutique. I have a trip planned next weekend and then Micah and I are hosting the shoe cutting party for Sole Hope the following weekend (more on that in another post) and so I need to get after it. 
Prayers are much appreciated and I thank you ahead of time for understanding that your orders will have to wait until August.
But don't worry, the pieces shown throughout this post are my newest "One of a Kind" creations that are available in the SHOP right now and are ready to ship. 
Happy Monday Friends!


Kristen said...

So excited that you are doing this!

The Ward Family said...

These are beautiful! love your work! Love your post before also. Reminds me of moments with my little loves. Jocie stopped napping at 3 (when Carter was born) from 3 yr -4 I used to hold her down and lay with her till she fell asleep because she still needed a nap and so did i :). Hard times but precious memories.

Kara said...

Oh this post just made me want to embroider more and more. Your's are stunning! I love the cause too. Can't wait to hear about your successes from the weekend!

Lora said...

that's so exciting! :) i know that my times selling at craft shows/church conferences have truly been some of the best, most amazing experiences of my life! praying that God really knocks your socks off! can't wait to hear how it all goes! blessings, lora

shannon said...

Ok, first of all DUH! of course you should do a craft show. I've been wondering what was holding you back. Secondly, those one-of-a-kinds are precious. Your booth is going to sell out.

Sarah said...

Oh friend, this brought tears to my eyes! I can not tell you how happy I to have you be a part of this special event! What a treat it will be for others to see your beautiful talent! I just know you are going to sell out and I will be the first in line! Thank you for your sweet post and for being so sweet! Sure adore you! XO

vintage grey said...

I am so excited for you!! The Lord will truly bless this experience for you!! I will be keeping you in my prayers for the boutique!! Your creations are amazing and inspiring!! xo Heather

Elise said...

Yay! Your heart is lovely!

Kristina said...

How exciting!! And you have beautiful stuff!! Just gorgeous! Can't wait to get to know you better!! And following you back! xoxo