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Nat's Surprise 30th

Saturday was Nat's 30th birthday. Nat is the girl I just celebrated with in New York last week. She is my oldest and bestest friend. When her hubby called me a couple months back to help with a surprise party for her I was beyond thrilled. Though I had some doubts about keeping it a secret from her, we totes pulled it off and she was beyond surprised.
see the video below of her entrance
I wish I would've filmed longer to catch her in tears after she had realized all of the out of town family who had come to celebrate with her. 
This cake was fantastic!
There were so many italian sweets and pastries from her brother-in-laws bakery that I was in heaven. 
No party is complete without a DIY photo booth right?

Tricia, Shan and myself totally bogarted the photo op for the first hour or so... no lie.
 I love my man! He helped so much with the decorating and making sure this day was special for our Natty
 my parents cracked me up in all their photos.
after reviewing the film I was not surprised that there were no photos of my Pearl except for these. She seriously avoids the camera at all cost. Shan grabbed her and jumped in front of the camera for the first. HAHA! She just adores Katie (my younger bros girlfriend) and so of course let her hold her while in front of the camera.
Vernon was a completely different story...
Man I love all these ladies
This party was off the chain! Taco man, pastries galore, great company, photo station, a few happy tears, too many laughs, but most importantly this girl was happy. 
I just hope she knows how much she is loved and what a tremendous blessing she is to so many. 

The only thing about celebrating her 30th means mine is quickly approaching. DUM_DUM_DUM!!!

and while we're speaking of celebrating, the winner of the Rock a Bow giveaway is
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Kara said...

So so cute!! I love all the funny pictures and that cake is gorgeous! It looks like yall had a great time!

Amanda said...

Looks like a great party! What taco guy did you use? We've been searching for one for a party we will be hosting soon, maybe yours travels?! Thanks!

mistergandme said...

What an amazing party! I love the photo station! Your littles are so adorable!!! :)

Kate said...

How fun! I loooove that cake :)