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Celebrating + Sole Hope Giveaway

Today is a special day to say the least. Someone is turning another year older today whether they like it or not. That someone is Miss Alissa from Rags to Stitches. She has become someone near and dear to my heart in just a few months and I'm thrilled it's her Birthday!! And what better way to celebrate a birthday than having a HUGE celebratory fundraising raffle!
That's right she is kicking off her birthday by celebrating it with all of you! You must skip on over to her blog HERE for all the deets of the fabulous goodies you can score worth over $400!!!
The thing that makes this birthday raffle so special is that it isn't about her but about raising funds for Sole Hope.
Remember, her and I talked about that wonderful organization here and here
If you haven't seen the video, I hope you'll watch it

Alissa and I also shared in our posts about the Shoe Cutting Party I will be hosting at my house.

The response was incredible and so many of you emailed us about getting involved.

I was blessed beyond words by the blogging community. Seeing a need and then jumping right in to help make a change in someone else's life. You guys ROCK!

People are volunteering to have their own shoe cutting parties.

We even have had people offer to donate fabric for our party/

But we wanted to go ONE... STEP... FURTHER.
So in honor of Alissa's Birthday and in the celebration for all Sole Hope is doing to change the lives of children.

Alissa and I are hosting a GIVEAWAY!!!

So fun, right?!

So many women with amazing hearts have contributed to this fundraiser.

check it HERE

And now the time has come to get this party started, the Shoe Cutting party that is. Every dollar donated towards the raffle will go towards the Shoe Cutting Party.


The winner will be announced next week as well as the date and time of the shoe cutting party.

 So if you are in the SoCal area and are interested in joining the party hit me up at and we'll add you to the list of shoe cutters!

Also please keep in mind that whether your interested in the items of the raffle or not (but really how could you not be) donating even a dollar will help out tremendously in the efforts of trying to help with Sole Hope.

Happy Friday all,
and of course

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