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The Beach

Something about the sounds and smells of the ocean bring me such peace. To listen to the powerful crashing of the waves, the calls of the seagulls in the distance. The sand between my toes and the warm sun kissing my skin which permeates scents of coconut and warmth.
I have always loved the beach. My mom was a sun bunny and if we weren't in our pool we were down at the beach. It used to be a nostalgic thing wanting to always to be on a towel, under the sun with a boom box playing some hits while looking at the latest fashion mag. It is no longer something that reminds me of fond childhood memories but something much more therapeutic for me.
When I think back to the days of Micah and I dating, I remember our fave spot to hang was near the Laguna Beach cliffs where we would do our couples devotional together, which quickly turned into our pre-marital devotional.
Now there are new sounds at the beach that bring me much joy. High pitched squeals and little feet stomping the wet sand while trying to out run the waves that break on the shore. Sweet giggling from building sand castles. Gasps of excitement while discovering sand crabs in the sand pail. And the crunching of chips while we ravish everything in sight because for some reason when you're at the beach nothing can conquer the hunger.

Doritos, frozen watermelon and turkey subs are a must have at the beach.

Besides having babies not much has changed from season to season. Maybe just reading material and the size of the sound system I tow along. (anyone else remember making sure to pack extra D batteries for your box while making a day at the beach??)
I have always found comfort in taking a swim and then letting the sun dry the salty water on my skin. Just writing about it is making me want to change this weeks Easter Egg hunt into a beach day.
Now with the days getting warmer and Vernon having fewer naps I am getting giddy thinking of how much time I will be spending there in the coming days, weeks and months. Not to mention our upcoming family retreat to San Diego this weekend or my getaway to Marco Island, FL with Micah next week.

ahhhh, the sun, sand and beach are calling my name. 

There is so much beauty at the beach. It's just good for the soul. To reflect on God and his greatness. 
Last year especially, while dealing with big things and overcoming struggles I would stare out into the deep blue. God would whisper his word from Micah 7:19 to me
"He will again have compassion on us; he will tread our iniquities underfoot. You will cast ALL our sins into the depths of the sea."
Now if that isn't comforting to know, I don't know what is.

What about you, do you love the beach? Are you counting down the days to be able to soak up the sun on the sand too?

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Kara said...

Oh I need a trip to the beach so badly! It seems like everyone has been going lately. We keep trying to plan a little daytrip, but I've been working Saturdays like crazy for some reason. Until then I can just read all your lovely blog posts and dream. :)

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Awe love this post and all the pictures! I definitely love the beach!

Amanda said...

Oh my, HOW I love the beach. So peaceful and tranquil {even with the kiddos laughter in the background} :) What a lovely blog you have! Seeing your pictures makes me want to pack and head to the beach, like, RIGHT NOW! Too bad the nearest one is over 4 hours away. We need to move. Seriously.

Little Stitch said...

Perfectly said, Nat! Nothing is better or more therapeutic than a trip to the beach. Looking forward to my therapy next month! :)

the lowes said...

ahhh yes the beach. :) so lucky you live so close to one - we are FAR away from a beach! you look gorgeous too!! :) have a blessed day friend!!

Lauren said...

I cannot wait to bring my little one to the beach for this first time this year! New follower from the BLog Hop.

DawnaHartman said...

D Batteries!!!! YES!!!! Man. So funny you said that...

I really miss the beach. Didn't make it out this last week when I was visiting...but everything you said, salty & sun kissed skin... watermelon (didn't Neil eat all the watermelon that one trip, and didn't realize it was for EVERYONE?!) ....snackies galore.. oh man, perfection. This post warms my heart :)

Heather said...

I love the beach as well! Can you believe that I live in Florida and know people that have NEVER been to the beach, or taken their children there?! WHAT?! I know right! Crazy!

Anyways, found my way over from the inspirational blog hop and had to say hello!