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Friday Faves


today I was tired

like all we did after my back adjustment and mailing out orders was sit outside and eat popsicle after popsicle kind of tired

no schedule enforcing

no eat your sandwich before your fun snacks enforcing

yes you can wear your swim suit during bath time kind of day

I even left the house without make-up... 
it has been a LOOOOONG time since I've done that

I finished up a few of the new pieces I will be adding to the shop soon

though tired, we were joyful

lots of giggling

lots of cuddling

lots of love

looking forward to daddy coming home and starting our weekend together...
Happy Friday all!


shannon said...

sometimes the best days are the days when you just say "yes" to everything they ask. :)

Diamond Brown said...

It makes me happy as future chiropractor to know that you get adjusted! That made my Friday!

Kate said...

Hang in there hun! I've definitely had my days like that lol. {And I must say you look gorgeous without makeup... no big surprise there :P}

Love your new stuff!

Elise said...

oh those cross stitches! So lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little troop you have! Oh, and a little secret??? My name is Natalie too ;)

love the blog, new follower xoxo