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braid love

so ever since I watched the tutorial for the braided headband here, I've kinda been a little nuts about it.  it's the perfect fix for my hair when I only have enough time to shower but not wash my hair. 

I can rock it messy or straight.

Wednesday was different
I showered
my hair was clean
I wanted to actually "get dressed"
for my bible study that night

it just so happened that both babies were taking an afternoon snooze
(this rarely happens anymore)

I so much needed to finish up some embroidery pieces but ended up in front the mirror

taking sweet sweet time putting on my make-up without being rushed or interrupted

I started to get dressed and looked at the clock

I still had time to mess with my hair

I was all giddy and happy about this
does this sound lame to you? I mean, I seriously never have a moment to myself to get ready and so being able to had me doing little happy dances in front of the mirror
humor me will ya?

I decided I would take the idea of the braided headband and only do one instead of a double and then pulled it forward to give it a totally different look. 

I was stoked.

threw on my new digs I scored at COTTON ON
(shoes and dress totaled $15, yes you read that right)
I couldn't believe it, the babies were still sleeping

I don't know what got into me at this point but I decided to take out my new camera tripod and remote to snap a few shots

I mean because I actually did do my hair and had more than just tinted moisturizer on, so why not
it will be fun just because I told myself

this is basically what went down.

I realized I didn't know how to use the remote and didn't want to fuss with setting up the tri-pod

I knew the babes would be up any second and time was a wastin'
 if I was going to do this I would have to do it the same old hand held way

taking the shots hand held wasn't working out

plus it looked like it was about to rain.
but I thought it couldn't be about to rain because it has been like 80 degrees all day 
but those sure do look like rain clouds

so I quickly run back inside to grab equipment and set it up

now even though I don't care about taking these pictures any more I'm much too invested after spending this much time setting everything up and now I just feel silly holding the remote and taking meaningless pictures of myself
(the above is of me cracking up because I felt a raindrop and realized how ridiculous this whole idea was)

and then these are literally the four pictures I took because it started down pouring
pretty sure my facial expressions could've told the story on their own
 so much for trying...

and this my friends is why I don't do What I Wore posts


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

You are adorable! I love the way you rocked that braid & your outfit, LOVE!!

Little Stitch said...

I love your photo commentary, too funny!

April said...

This is April from Ocean Hills - Whitney's friend. Love your blog!
Thank you for telling me about Cotton On! How did I not know about this? Love it. xoxo

Grace said...

psh if this is the worst of your wear posts I say keep doing them! you look great!

P.S I just started following your blog from the wiegands. I always wonder where people come from on my blog so I always say it haha

Chelsea said...

Just stumbled on your blog and so glad I did! I've always wanted to try this kind of braid, but I have ridiculously curly hair so I haven't found the guts to try it, haha. I looks great on you!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! VERY VERY cute dress! New Follower via email :-)