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Sole Hope

Before taking my blog in the direction it has gone I prayed over it for awhile. I prayed that both my shop and blog would be able to be used for bigger and better things and ultimately be able to give back to the Lord and bring Glory to him. God has been faithful to present a new opportunity for me to do just that almost every week.
This week was no different. Alissa reached out to me and told me about an organization that had been placed on her heart that she wanted to get involved in called Sole Hope.

She sent me this link.

I then watched this video

I knew after hearing her share about it I was 110% on board. What I didn't know was that after digging deeper into this organization and watching the videos for myself how much my own heart strings would be tugged. I can't even think about anything else right now but how to help these sweet children.
These little ones, these precious beings with no shoes and having their poor feet infested by parasites, causing so much pain and grief. I had no idea this was even happening. As I type through hot tears, my thoughts keep returning to the mothers of these children and can't even imagine the pain they must feel for their loved ones. Seeing footage and photos of children about the same ages as my sweet babies was  too much to bear.

Just like she said in the video. You can either turn away and act like it's not your problem or do what you can to help out with the situation at hand.

 This is definitely an organization I can get behind. Not only do they provide shoes for these wounded feet but addressing the root of the problem by educating them about the health factors and teaching them the trade of shoemaking.
Sole Hope's mission statement...
 Our mission is to offer HOPE to widows, orphans, and others within impoverished and forgotten communities around the world by teaching the simple trade of shoemaking which provides jobs and shoes to those in need. 

Did you read that. Forgotten communities. Forgotten? This certainly won't be something I will be forgetting. Ever.


There is HOPE.

There is a way to Make A Change.
as Alissa beautifully said...

A way to mimic Jesus

A foot washed.

A Sole shoed.

A Soul fed in the process.

Do you want to have an impact?
here's how...
Though we are still working out minor details this is what we have set. Alissa, Jacqui and myself will be organizing some exciting events in hopes that you will get involved to help better the lives of these children. Sole Hope offers shoe kits that when purchased are used to host Shoe Cutting Parties! Fun right? You cut the fabric, ship it off to SOLE Hope and they sew them up and get them on the feet of children who need them. But we need to raise some money to buy the kits and fabric.
with that being said...

Rags to Stitches will be hosting a huge raffle at the end of March. She will be creating a custom iPad case for the giveaway and a custom Embroidery Hoop created by yours truly will be included along with many other wonderful prizes.

 If you want to be involved and donate something to the giveaway please email Alissa's assistant Jacqui
We'd love to work with you. Even if you don't have a handmade shop, please come back and enter the giveaway. It's only going to cost $1/entry.

The money raised from the giveaway entries will go towards purchasing materials so we can host a Shoe Cutting Party!

Then, once we've collected the funds, we will host the event in May (date TBD)

So if you're in the Southern California area and want to come help us cut shoes you'll snag a spot on our favorites list forever. 

Please pray about how you can get involved. Whether it be donating fabric, contributing items towards the raffle or even signing up to cut fabric with us. Anything you can offer would be a huge blessing.
Oh and while we're working out all the deets feel free to take a moment to vote for Sole Hope to earn a grant of $50,000 to further their mission.
Click HERE to Vote
every vote counts.


"Everyone should use their gifts that they've received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms." 1Peter 4:10


Jacqui Marie said...

This was beautifully written.
Excited to work towards helping these darling people!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I love this! What an amazing thing y'all are doing. I can't do much but I will be e-mailing Jacqui with what I can do! :)

Anonymous said...

This touches my heart, and I will donate some money. I will share this with everyone I know. God bless you all.

Elisa @AverageAdvocate said...

Sole Hope is awesome. If you need help figuring out how to do a party, here are my tips:

I love that there are ways we can love the world, even from where we are!

Alexis said...

What an awesome organization to be in partner with. It is amazing how your heart changes once you have your own babe. Icant imagine not have the ability to provide for him.

I will be praying about how my family an help. Definitely want to be a part of it all.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

Truly touched by this post! Thank you for sharing. I voted and am going to host a shoe making party. I'll be linking back you to thank you for the inspiration. New follower!

molly june. said...

i'm in :) i can donate my prints! tell me how many & they're yours. and let's do a shoe making party!!!

Barbara said...

will there be any more parties elsewhere? I live in Michigan, and would love to do more with this, and I own lots of scissors! :)