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The Wonders of Baking Soda

So I learned a new tip and thought I would share. It has been sometime since I posted a Mondays Made Simple tip and well, it has been awhile since I had anything worth sharing. But this, this is definitely worth sharing. 
So Elsie as you know is now in big girl panties but still wears pull-ups for bedtime. She occasionally gets up during the night to go potty (she doesn't grasp that she can just let it go in the pull up) and well decides that the pull up comes off and somehow manages to find underwear, in the dark mind you, to make the "switch." There have been many of mornings I wake to find her in panties instead of the pull-up and am puzzled how she accomplishes this when I can barely walk straight let alone change clothes come the middle of the night. 
Ok to make a long story short, because of her changing in the middle of the night, without us knowing, has lead to her having two accidents in the bed. Once in ours and then in hers last night. No biggie right, wet a towel, soak up the mattress, wash the sheets, wait for mattress to dry and call it a day. Unfortunately both hers and our mattresses are new and I kind of went neurotic on making sure no stains or smells were left behind. 
After scouring the net for How-to's on ridding of pee and the scent of it I went with the simplest and highest ranked option. BAKING SODA!
All you do is coat the wet area (heavily) with the baking soda and let it soak up the moisture. This takes a few hours. Then vacuum it all up when it is dry. This is seriously amazing. Oh and you can rid of old stains the same way only you soak the dried area with a wet cloth first then apply baking soda. It is truly astounding that this works on old stains. No crazy circles stains, no scents! 

Ok so now that you can sleep soundly with this new knowledge let us move on to my highlights from this past week.
having a surprise visit from a friend with this sweet goodness in tow was THE highlight of my week
being able to relax, journal and soak up the sun was awesome
watching Elsie splash in the water was priceless
found out Vernon was ann official Sand EATER!
While the babies were hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa Micah and I took a bike ride to In & Out. It was fab and reignited my love for family bike rides.
scrambling around aimlessly at three in the morn crawling on the floor and feeling around for his paci. Of course I couldn't find it and had to turn on the blinding lights only to see that he was holding it in his chubby little hand.
this was my view of the boys from the sunroom.Couldn't resist to snap a shot
some of us obviously need less sleep than others. Love Her!


shannon said...

I see someone's wearing her Sparkle Motion outfit in that last shot!

binboy said...

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Kate Snow said...

Also note the crazy static hair that resulted from her hamster rolling the inflatable ball house in the sun room.

Kate Snow said...

Also note the crazy static hair that resulted from her hamster rolling that inflatable ball house she's sitting in.