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DIY: Bow Garland

So my house was looking pretty bleak after all the Holiday goodness was stripped away. Especially our mantle that once held garland, decor and stockings that were hung with care. 
So in an attempt to jazz it up I made this little number with some left over felt I had from another project.
Don't you love it?! I was going to make a bunting banner but felt like I wanted something a little more, I dunno. like THIS!

So this is what you'll need if you are dying for one and must make one right now!
  • Felt (by the yard, felt pieces will be too small unless you desire smaller bows, which is totally fine)
  • Coordinating color of thread
  • Jute or Ribbon (or any other type of string you want to string your beauties on)
  • Hot Glue Gun or Fabric Glue
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Disclaimer: I cut the bows this length & width because it was the size of fabric I had left. You could totally make adjustments according to what you have. 
Oh and don't judge me on the lighting differences on the photos. I gotta work around naps and bed time people. 
Ok now that you got the goods lets get this party started. 
For this next step I went and strung it on my mantle and spaced them out how I wanted before gluing them down. Not Necessary.
Easy Peasy One-Two-Threesy!
See what a simple fix? From Blah to Ahhh just by using some scrap material!
Besides the new garland, I love that I can display some rad gifts I had received. The "Be anxious for Nothing" framed print is from Shan(she actually bought it because of this post. LOVE HER!)
and the yarn letter "E" is from sweet Dawna
 Let me know if you end up making one! I would love to see how yours turn out!

 Also I'm linking up with Kimmie this week.  


Recreation Station said...

Oh, Nat. You're killing me with your cuteness! That bow garland is so adorable and so you.


shannon said...

Ok, that's nothing like what I pictured. And I love it! Changing my idea to this.

Kara said...

This is so stinkin' cute!!

molly june. said...

well looky there :) SO CUUUUTE. i need a little more natalie in my life. and BOWS. felt BOOOOOOWS!!!!

binboy said...

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grace said...

Hi Natalie- I found you via molly's blog :)
I LOVE this bow garland & I've already pinned it on my 2012 to do's pinboard!
Where did you get that amazing art print of Philippians 4:6? It's lovely!

Ashley Blunt said...

New follower and I am in love with this garland! I am totally going to make a pink and yellow one for my daughters pink lemonade party! Love it :)

Kelly said...

i'm so going to try this.