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My Wednesday Wish List

I would love to have some beautiful style board with things of inspiration or outfits for my wish list but I don't. Instead I am trying to sit here and let my nerves settle since I just laid the babies down. Ahhh, the sweet sound of nothing. I had a morning full of errands, I mean FULL of them. You mommas out there of little ones understand when you add anything to your morning's already busy hustle and bustle routine you can kind of get run down before noon let's be real... 11:00! Oddly enough the day I had a million things I wanted to get checked off my list before we leave for the Lake House was the day both babes wake up early. Both in great moods but still up @ 7:15 was way too early for me. 
up and ready to eat
she just wanted her balloons first thing
I didn't even have my cup of coffee before they were up and speaking of coffee can I just say that I love this coffee cup cozy below from Etsy.
So after making sure we were all fed we ventured outside to give Don a good bath and ear cleaning since my trusty groomers couldn't fit him in before our vacay. Man that was a 45 min ordeal of me running around the backyard trying to keep him clean and get him dried before he started rolling through the grass... and I'm still not sure it was worth getting him cleaned for the trip. Afterward while the kids played in the garage (in my view) I loaded up the car with everything from pack n' plays to fishing gear and made sure to finish packing all of our clothes.
Thank the Lord this is a short trip and we have plenty of space in the car.
After cleaning us all up and finally dressing for the day I ran us all out to Chick-fil-A for lunch then topped off the car with gas and ran it through the Car Wash. Though the kids loved driving through the wash it was yet another errand that took way too long! They were only an hour off schedule for nap time but neither were fussy so I took advantage off crossing off as many things as I could.
Today was one of those days I wish I had someone near to help with the kids while I got everything taken care of. Today is a day where I wish I didn't have HIVES all over my body from an allergic reaction I had from over the weekend. (That deserves it's own post)
forgive this no make-up shot of me waking up to what seems to be another morning of me looking like Quasimodo
Picture this all over! So itchy so gross.
Today I wish it wasn't so bloody HOT outside 92 degrees. What the what? Today I wish I had an Iced Chai Tea Latte to sip while I browse through blogs and Pinterest.
I wish I had a house cleaner lined up so while I'm away my house could be getting all sparkling for my return. I wish I could just close my eyes and sleep. How are so many able to do that? When my mind is racing there is no hope of a nap. More than anything right now I wish I was cuddled up with my babies dreaming of Boating and BBQs on the deck of our cabin. There are so many times I wish my babies were ones that cuddled in bed to sleep, but no, they both love their naps in their very own space.
see what I mean?
Mostly right now I wish I was not anxious and could just focus on the the trip ahead...
Oh isn't this print so lovely! I'd say so.

...also all I want for dinner is this. Coffee Cupcake. I mean really that's not asking for too much is it? Ok I'll settle for some good fatty mexican food and a nice cold coke. 
I know Micah can't say no to that request.


jennifer said...

You still have Hives? What part of your body was that? I would have watched your babies for you today and cleaned your house while you are gone....if I didn't live thousands of miles away. You guys have a great relaxing time. Hope you come back hiveless. :)

Anonymous said...

how weird, I broke out in hives all over my legs yesterday! about 8 years ago my torso looked just like yours(except not as lean and tan) for a few days with no explanation. I hope they go away and you enjoy your vacay... love seeing photos of the babes! -Grace

Anonymous said...

Nat, I would totally come watch your precious babies in exchange for swimming and a dessert haha! Whit