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Caught the BUG

I literally just let out a big sigh knowing I have a few minutes to blog. It has been a bit crazy around here since Thanksgiving with both babies catching a virus of sorts. Whatever bug they caught wasn't pretty. It has been a nonstop SNOT-FEST over here. Not only has it been gross with all the green mucus everywhere but it has been exhausting to say the least. Of course right when the babies start to kick this thing after nearly TWO WEEKS, I wake up at 3:00 a.m. with a throat so sore I felt like I had swallowed hot coals. So now I caught the bug, and have literally been laying on the ground while my babies who apparently recovered and have more energy than the energizer bunny himself, have been crawling over me while I laid there like a slug. 

Despite being cooped up with the sickos the past couple of weeks we didn't let that stop us from getting into the Holiday Spirit. 

So here's some of the scenes from the past couple weeks. Oh and I have not one picture from Thanksgiving. Way to go me. 

I stole this wonderful new tradition from my girlfriend Jenn
Basically you wrap up 24 Christmas stories and each night the kiddos unwrap one for a new story to read each night. We are saving The Night Before Christmas for the Eve of. The one we will have them open on Christmas Day is a special book we have that tells the story of Jesus's birth and why we give gifts to show our love. 
So it is a Book Advent Calendar. I had about eight Christmas books on hand and then went to the library to check out 16 others. Micah and I wrapped all the books the last night of November so Elsie could unwrap her first on the 1st of December. She loves this, and gets so excited each night. Even more excited than opening the door on the Wooden House Advent Calendar that holds special treats each day. 
Micah surprised me with this Advent on Dec.1st 2005, the year we bought our first house and celebrated our 3rd Christmas together as a Married Couple. I love this advent and always anticipate what treats will be waiting for me behind each door. 
Greggy was here for a few weeks visiting from Michigan. We got to see him a few days during his stay and the babies loved every minute with him!
my little Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday. She isn't doing so well these days and her memory is starting to fade so we were grateful to be able to celebrate another birthday with her.
 on top of his cold our Bubs has been teething like crazy leaving puddles of drool wherever he goes. Kind of like a snail. HAHA! Thankfully his two bottom teeth have popped though!
 Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful season, creating lots of new memories while continuing old traditions or starting new ones. 

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The Ward Family said...

Yay! The book calendar! I love it also. The kids look forward to it every night. I used tissue paper to wrap them and so easy for carter to open! The ornaments on one branch remind me of Jocie last year! Have a great month! Love December!