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Just Plain Ugly

There was a gathering of sorts for my ladies bible study group last night. We are on a Holiday break until the New Year but our leader suggested we get together during December for a fun fellowship night during our six week break. It went from "Getting together at a restaurant" to "meeting up at one of the gals house". From "Just bringing yummy treats and a small devotion" to a full blown Potluck and Ugly Sweater party!
I was super pumped at first. I mean not only were visions of Sugarplums dancing through my head but ones of the perfect sweater I would find if I could make time to go thrifting.  Of course time did not permit and this momma started to panic as the week was approaching, that is until I remembered my Dearest Kate  and her hubby had worn horrible sweaters in a Christmas Card they sent out. Actually it was this card below from a few years back.
I know, hilarious! So in remembering this catastrophe (because let's be honest, who could forget this picture) I called her up to see if she had something I could borrow. She did. And it wasn't her sweater, it was the gay apparel Josh was donning.
I added a few more holiday pins and made some last minute fabric bulb earrings to complete the look. Oh and I know I'm channeling Winnie Cooper with the headband and bangs but I had actually attempted the bangs Kate is rockin' in her photo card and just couldn't get it to look right so just curled them under instead.
Look at the details on the sleeves! Are you kidding me with this thing?!
It's okay, you can laugh. No one could take me serious throughout the evening. Even when I was giving Micah some notes on the babes before heading out the door said, "I can't take you seriously right now, stop talking and just go." HAHA!

Have you attended an ugly sweater party this year? I love seeing pictures of what people find or create.

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molly june. said...

BAH!! ha. ha. haaaaaa.

that card up there made me almost spit! need to copy that one year.

and yer lookin' HOT mama. that sweater is LEGIT. too legit to quit. the earrings are the perfect touch. AHAHAAAA!!! tou-che. :)