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Thankful this Thursday

well, not just this Thursday but everyday I am so Thankful for the many blessings I have received.
I am forever thankful to be Loved a God that is so AMAZINGLY good. For Micah, being the most perfect helpmate a girl could ask for. He is truly the best.
For Elsie Pearl and her beautiful personality who literally makes me laugh out loud everyday. She is so fun.
For Vernon, oh my baby boy, he is just so precious and brings so much more joy into my life.
For my wonderful family. I am so thankful to have so much love coming from all sides of the spectrum. Both mine and Micah's families are so wonderful.
My friends, oh man my friends. They are awesome. I love the people that have been brought into my life. People that have stayed close for years and even those who were there for a glimpse and left an impression on my heart and will always remain in my memories.
I know that these are normal everyday life stuff that we ALL are pretty much thankful for. But I really truly am thankful for all these things.
But there are little, not extraordinary things, but simple treasures in life that I do enjoy and I am so thankful for. Things like yummy coffee drinks. A tasty latte from any coffee shop can always give me a perfect pick me up when I need it.
umm has anyone else tried the salted caramel mocha from Starbucks? yum. but only for a very special treat 

The Wonder Years on instant watch through Netflix. I have been asking for this DVD set since our first year of marriage, but due to licensing mumbo jumbo it never was released and now here it is at just a click of a button away. This show is pure nostalgia for me and kind of brings me back to my happy childhood days. (please note, we don't have TV and I'm not a big show/movie watcher, so understand this being available to watch literally had me jumping up and down with happy tears in my eyes)
Pinterest, I mean talk about a crafters dream! Although I really limit my time on this site because you know jumping on there to find a quick tutorial can turn into hours of pinning!
Trader Joe's. Can I get an Amen for Trader Joe's and all their deliciously simple meals, snacks and sauces they have, that are not only affordable but healthy as well! Seriously they have been a life savor for this momma who needs quick fix meals most of the time.
But right now at this moment I'm beyond thankful for my mom. Even after spending her morning having her pre-op done for her upcoming gallbladder surgery next week she came over (with discomfort and pain) to watch Elsie while I took care of Vernon who has had a fever of 104 degrees on and off for the last 24 hours due to a viral infection. Poor little guy has been so uncomfortable and weepy it just breaks your heart. She was a major life savor and Elsie was so excited to have her here while I rocked her baby brother in the back room.
Can I also be thankful for infant's tylenol? Whew, that has helped a lot!

...and yes I posted this while my sweet sick boy fell asleep on my chest. 


Mama bear said...

The salted caramel mocha is to die for, sooooo good! And omg pinterest has taken up so much of my time everyday now!

Darcie said...

a lot of great things to be thankful for! i found your blog on the Oct blog hop :) I started a thankful party if you want to meet a few new bloggers and join in. Check it out if you want:
God bless

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Wonderful post, Nat! I just did a little catch up on your beautiful blog. I am thankful to have you as my friend. xo Samantha

Libby said...

So Sweet...You made me look back and shine a light on all of my blessings too! Thanks =]