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Meet the Ribbles
Vernon Ribble was named after Micah's Papaw, Ribble Bristo. Both Mamaw and Papaw flew out here to meet his namesake. Bless their sweet hearts for making the trip to come visit. They are the most warm and loving people you will ever meet. I sometimes forget that they are Micah's grandparents and not my very own. Although they do treat me as if I am their very own. I have never felt more welcomed by anyone in my life as I have with these to wonderful people. This is the kind of thing when they say you not only fall in love with your spouse but their family as well, and it is so true with them. They are those grandparents that you just want to hug every time you walk by them.
Here Elsie is anxiously awaiting their arrival. I made the mistake in telling her they were coming not realizing they would land after her bed time and would head straight to their hotel. She still kept peeking every time she heard a car door.
Vernon loved bouncing on his great Papaw's knee.
 Elsie was showing Papaw how to use the iPad
 Fashionable as always, Mamaw was rockin' her silver glitter Toms. I heart her. 
 If she wasn't on one of their laps she was riding on Mamaw's walker. HAHA!
 Generation shot with them all in their flat caps and plaid. 
Mamaw's sparkle Tom's had Vernon up and crawling right towards them. He went right under the table just to get to them.
 our mini Papaw
I almost couldn't post this picture because every time I look at it I instantly start to weep. I don't know why, it's just seeing my precious babies and their Great Grandparents touches my heart. This was just one of the best weekends with family. So much quality time and good laughs. Catching up and learning so much more about each other. I didn't want them to ever leave.
I truly am so thankful for these two in my life.  


Ashley said...

This truly just touched my heart. I know Mamaw and Papaw enjoyed the time with you 4! I'm so glad you got to enjoy each other! We love you all! <3

jennifer said...

Awesome post. Great pictures :)

Mama bear said...

These pictures were so adorable! I love the one of Papaw, Vernon, and your hubby in matching hats and shirts...sooo cute!

Victoria said...

Hello beautiful,
Awh the very first picture of the matching "Ribbles" is completely adorable! ^_^ your family is so cute! I cannot wait to see everyone in mine on Thanksgiving! It is such a wonderful time!!!!!

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Biggest Love,
Victoria from Unlock Your World