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Truth is

though sleep deprived from a teething baby who just can't seem to get comfortable, I still enjoy every minute with him.
truth is even after a long day of screaming and fussiness, I don't want to leave to "get a break" when Micah gets home even though he tells me to. (ask Micah I refuse to go)
truth is my love language is quality time. 110%.
truth is I am one of those moms that can't be away from her babies more than an hour or so before wanting to rush back to them (even if they are napping)
truth is the only parts of the house I have cleaned in a week are the kitchen and sunroom.
truth is I don't care. I have had two sick babies and just close my eyes when walking through the rest of the house to avoid seeing the mess. For real, I do that.

truth is I question myself as a mother every. single. day. and often feel my sweet babies deserve a better momma.

truth is I can't count the number of times I have laid on Micah's chest and cried thinking if something were to happen to me would someone love them like I do.

truth is Elsie dresses better than me these days.
truth is I have been going through a rough season in my life these past few months and feel I can't tell which way is up somedays.
truth is I rarely want to do anything these days but spend time with my little family.
truth is I am forever grateful for God's lovingkindness and his new Mercies everyday.
truth is I don't deserve that.

truth is I was reminded today that though my children go through different seasons in life, I love them, more than anything. Just like them I go through different seasons, some harder than others and God loves me even more than that.

have you ever felt unloveable, undeserving? Have you ever had your heart ache so much and yet find so much joy in the same moment? have you?
truth is I wished my mom lived closer or anyone for that matter
truth is I am happy, so happy, though I am treading uncharted stormy waters.

truth is I love my husband more than words and don't know where I'd be without him.
truth is my God is good. and can do all things.
 I really am ok. some days are just harder than others. Ain't that the truth?


Recreation Station said...

Thanks for being honest, Nat. I like you :)


The Ward Family said...

You got me . . tears are flowing! That's definitely the truth. Being a mom can be so hard yet so rewarding. Just like you, my family, my children bring me so much joy but it is hard at times. Hope those teeth peek through soon!

molly june. said...

truth is...

you are inspiring.
you are gorgeous.
you are the best mom EVER.
and the absolute PERFECT fit for your kids.
you are totally normal, with the same thoughts of all of us moms in this crazy journey.
you are in HIS hands.
and your heart speaks volumes about HIS love for us.

so thank you.
for letting us have a peek inside your beautiful heart.
you are SO full of sunshine.
even on your darkest days.

love to you friend!

Ashley said...

Feel the same way...about all of it!!!
Love this post !