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DIY Burlap Wreath Tutorial

So I purchased a few yards of different colored burlap recently knowing I wanted to make some sort of wreath. I love burlap, like LOVE it! Especially during the holidays. It is so versatile for the different seasons. Fall and winter especially. I knew Pinterest would lead me to something perfect and well, it did. I came across this beautiful blog with an awesome tutorial. Above is the picture of my completed project. This was so easy and will probably make the same type of deal for Christmas using red burlap for the rosettes instead.

What you will need is a wreath. Whatever size your little heart desires. I used the big dog one. Not sure of the size but bought the largest straw one that Michael's had. 
Cut 6" strips of burlap in your choice of color. 
Hot glue gun should be handy and also an empty cereal box. (don't ask you'll see)
using more burlap strips follow the next step
It should look something like this. Elsie grabbed it and said she was a lion. HAHA!
then it got too heavy and she said, "Mama I have strong muscles?"

Onto the rosettes:
Notice on the wreath there are two types of rosette/flowers. This next step is for the other. 
Now here is where I used the cereal box, this is different than what the original tutorial called for but I didn't have chipboard and knew this would work just the same
 I frayed the edges on mine (not necessary)
After making your different types of rosettes in whatever colors you choose arrange them on your wreath and glue those puppies on!
Now go hang this on your front door, or if you're like me and you realize you don't have a wreath hanger lean in on your window seal until you go purchase one.

This may be a bit much but since we're talking wreaths I wanted to post the Yarn Wreaths I made over the weekend. I needed something for this space on the wall and these were the perfect fallish addition.

Hope you've been inspired and get to crafting!


shannon said...

I LOVE the yarn wreath vignette!

Trista said...

I love love love this wreath! I plan on trying this out for myself!! Wish me luck!!!

SweetPepperRose said...

Hi! I just found this wreath on a google search - Love love it. I had no idea burlap came in different colors! Guess I wasn't looking too hard for it :) Thanks for sharing! Love that the little girl had the creative idea of a lion!
I'm a new follower to you.