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First off can't I get a woot woot for my new blog design! Molly totally outdid herself with this one! I mean the girl is about to pop out a baby any day and she still took the time to redesign it for me. LOVE YOU GIRL!
Ok so on to the birthday festivities. I will make it short and sweet because too much happened and it will take up like three posts to get it all in with details.
Tricia flew in late Thursday night. Not only did she fly out for my birthday weekend but she convinced her in-laws to let us have a slumber party at their brand spankin' new Laguna Beach vacation home. Umm, let me just say this house was off the chain! It was seriously out of a movie, or a realty TV show. We ordered pizza, partook of homemade baked goods, stayed up 'til 2:00 am giggling and making friendship bracelets.Good times for sure!
Elsie playing beauty parlor with Aunt Tricia

Us freaking out at our view
Can you tell how excited I was
friendship bracelets!
Tricia was way too excited considering she was the only one who didn't actually make one

When I came home Saturday I was blasted with Justin Bieber overload. Micah and Elsie had baked me cupcakes and decorated the house all with the Beiber paraphernalia. HAHA! I don't even know one of his songs. Micah is the best with picking out decor.

The rest of the day was kind of a recovery day for me considering I hadn't slept for more than a total of 8 hours in three days. We did take the kids to a local fair called Tiller days here in Tustin...super fun! (no pictures of that, oops)
Sunday my folks came down to go out to lunch and do some shopping in Newport Beach with us. (no pictures of this...why I have no idea)Then Sunday night my little bro spent the night (as he does every Sunday because we live close to his college) and so Micah decided to take me to Downtown Disney for din. 
Well, that fancy dinner quickly turned into a quick yummy bite at House of Blues due to the fact that he found out The Misfits were playing so we spent the evening enjoying a show instead. I actually had a blast and laughed so hard with him that it turned out to be my favorite part of my weekend. That and a surprise gift card to Apple he gave me for the new Ipod Touch soon to be released. YIPPIE!
I was blown away by all the thoughtful cards, gifts and love I received this year for my birthday.
So blessed. So very, very blessed. Thank you all.
This was our view from the balcony... sigh, so beautiful.

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Natalie said...

Your new blog makeover looks AWESOME!!! She really did a great job! And happy belated birthday!!!