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Falling into the season

I was hoping to get a Maid Simple tip out yesterday but due to my family and I being held hostage by the stomach virus (flu monster) all last week and into the weekend, I was playing catch up on a lot of things that needed to get done.
Besides, the only tip I would've given was don't let your whole household get the flu at once... ever. So see you didn't miss anything.

I did however, put up almost all our fall decor while all three of my loves were sleeping off their sickness. I could only sanitize and disinfect EVERYTHING so many times and so in between cleaning I would put up a few things here and there and that by the weeks end the Ensor household looked and smelled Fall-tastic!
Our Mr.Scarecrow greets you as you enter our home. He has been in our family since our first year of marriage. The funny thing is all these years I thought I bought him aat the Claremont Village Craft fair only to discover a TJ MAXX sticker under his shirt this year... so much for my memory.
Redecorated our Mantle for a more woodsy look and while picking sticks from the back yard was attacked by a swarm of bees... ya that was lots of fun.

So there are still a few burlap banners to hang and Yarn Wreaths to put up but our house still feels warm and fallish.
Some pics during our week in purgatory...
I think Don understood he was under the weather and let him pull and tug on him for a long time. As you can tell by Don's expression he is not very happy.
This is what the boys did on their recovery day
oh and I received another birfday giftie in the mail from my brother Greg. Meet our newest addition, Don #2. I've had my eye on this ceramic Bassett Hound for a year now and am so excited he now sits on my shelf 

p.s... it's my birthday week, and yes I have had a Pumpkin Spice latte everyday since last Tuesday. Don't judge me.


Jenn and Dan said...

your decorations look fantastic! i loved each display, especially the owl.

Kristi and Ken said...

Looks great Nat! What an awesome gift from Greg! Glad you are all feeling better!