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Holding On

It has  been three days since my princess has been using the potty. 
It happened organically.
I ran out of diapers 
I had Minnie Mouse  panties in her drawer.
since last Christmas...
She has been ready for months.
I have used a million excuses 
of why I hadn't "trained" her yet.
There was only one real reason
I have been holding on to my baby girl. 
I knew once we were out of diapers, 
that meant big girl bed and all that translates 
is she has very little baby left. 
After days of secretly crying 
while she napped
I decided to take my baby girl out
to the Pumpkin Patch
where all she did was prove to me 
just how much of a big girl she is becoming
keeping Vernon safe on the Train ride
(she never even wants to touch him)
 wanting to get  her face painted
for the first time by a stranger
you  know my girl and her shyness
at least I can count on her to not look at the camera 
for awhile...
I hope
 She loved  her face paint
she asked to take a nap with it on
as long as you stay my baby forever I told her
and as she hugged my neck
she said okay momma.
cue my hot tears here

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I will be filling buckets with tears as I transform her room into a "Big Girl" room. 


freelove said...

thanks for the watery ojoes and the frog in my froat.....she is a beauty like her momma : )
(ps thanks for praying/crying with me from afar and for my sweet family.. i miss you! molly says i need to bring her to you.. i saw all of your girl crush baby gifts! gurrrl ur talented ) ok sorry for the crazy random post!

Recreation Station said...

I'm pretty sure you need to frame that last picture and hang it in the house.

jennifer said...

Seriously the cuteness of those babies! Stop it! Don't worry she will always be your baby you just won't have to wipe her poop anymore :) Can't wait to see pictures of the room.

Vintage is for Lovers said...

Beautiful post Nat! I too feel the same way about my boys! Never expected THIS to happen or THESE feelings! Your baby girl is amazing! {and so is that face paint} Next time you head out, I would be honored to take ya'll's pictures! {haha. that part cracked me up} Have a fall-tastic weekend! xo Samantha