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Truth is...

I just want to feel cute somedays. Lately I have been feeling, what's the word I'm looking for... frumpy, no... gross, no even worse, style-less. Man I love my babies and they basically get all my time and with Vernon needing more of me as of late (eating solids, rolling all over to get his sister's mini toys *choking hazards*, and teething) there is even less time for me to get ready...for anything. I'm not even half joking about the spit up stained, slept in tank tops paired with whatever ill-fitted denim bottom I grab from the pile that I have been rockin' these days, no weeks, no months!
oh this would be even better if it read I had "style" once

It doesn't help that the few moments I do have to myself I spend looking through other blogs and Pinterest of super cute mommas only leaving me feeling more blah about my look these days.

So when I hear that there is a possibility that we are going out later in the evening, on a weeknight, I need all day. I'm not getting ready all day mind you, just a bit here and there throughout. It wasn't even anything major but Micah suggested we head over to Downtown Disney to pick up some gifts we needed after he got off work.
I made SURE to get a shower in before the kiddos woke up and then threw my hair into buns knowing I wouldn't have time to actually curl it later. I'm glad I did that because I barely had time to slap on make-up by days end. Let's just say we had an original plan of me leaving the house at five to be able to meet up with Micah there after work. Well, that turned into me freaking out, waiting for him to get home from work and leaving at 6:15 all together. So much for a plan right?
seriously how I feel sometimes getting ready (but not quite as fabulous)
I know I'm totally rambling here but listen people, I was actually really excited to go. Like excited to put something cute on and then go somewhere fun. That was until I realized I still can't wear 90% of my dresses because they aren't "nursing" friendly and that most of my tanks were in the dirty hamper along with everything else I could've worn.
I looked at the clock and realized I had 30 minutes before the babies would wake from naps and jumped online to google a tutorial for those super cute rosette headbands that everyone seems to have. I told myself I could make one real quick and that will jazz up even a tank and jeans combo. So away to Googleland I went and found an easy peasy one here (and apparently a new blog I will start following)
Here is where this post gets good. I literally made this in like 20 minutes. Well sort of. I started it and then Vernon woke up and I finished the rest of it while nursing. (I know right) This is what I came out with!

I was stoked to say the least. I mean c'mon if I actually had time (and two hands) think how much cuter it would've turned out. I of course used minnie mouse colors since it was a Disney outing and the only material I had on hand.
So now not only am I on a kick to make a million of these in different shades and prints but now I got my gusto back to actually get ready when going out.
don't worry I fixed the hair mess before exiting the monorail
he was annoyed and wanted out of the stroller here
she loved the Monorail
By the way, we walked into Downtown Disney only to end up right in the Monorail entrance and into the park. Elsie was thrilled for a surprise Small World and Tea Cup adventure. Plus it was her first time to ride the Monorail or "train" as she says. Super fun night!
Ok now go make yourself some headbands and have a stylish day!


Anonymous said...

This is too funny because just the other day I was complaining to Pat, why can't I always look put together and perfect like Natalie! No joke!

Lauryn's Kitchen said...

i am impressed yet again. you whipped that up!!! umm i still need to come over to learn to sew. You look great! hot mama of two

Lauryn's Kitchen said...

I am impressed yet again! is there anything you cant create? i still need a sewing class ha

you look amazing!

molly june. said...

oh, puh-lease. you are one of the hottest moms out there. for sure.

uh, uh, uh. don't argue with me :)

CUTE HEADBAND!!! i need to make me one of those on this here bed rest!

Natalie said...

Hi'ya, Nat! :) So, I just found you through my blog! Your headbands turned out GORGEOUS!!! And I am totally in love with your blog now, too! Oh my gosh, I NEEED that curlers picture in by bathroom. That's how my life is, too. Those pictures are hilarious! I'd love to feature you and your beautiful blog, is that okay??? I SOOO love seeing what people come up with from my tutorial! (They always turn out cuter than anything I ever make!!!) And, last but not least, you are freaking GORGEOUS and I have no clue what you're talking about! :)

DawnaHartman said...

What Molly said...