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Monday Maid Simple: The Extra Step

Toys on the floor, dishes piled up for days, floor not swept and yet there are happy kids and happy mom running around enjoying life. Sounds nice right? Ya it does to me too because this is so NOT me. I wish it were. I mean I am enjoying running around with my kids and enjoying life but that is only if my house is not cluttered. I do have many women like this in my life and I pray one day I can get to a point where I can be content in just living in the mess somedays so I can focus on other things. I mean don't get me wrong, those of you that know me well always see a tidied house but if you'd opened my laundry room, six to eight loads of clean unfolded laundry would come tumbling upon you. No joke.
That is the thing, why can I take the extra steps to clean the rest of the house but not go the extra step to fold the clothes after they dry and better yet put them in their rightful spot after they are folded. I don't have an answer to this question but todays tip is really for me. I going to try folding more often so I don't have a huge pile by week two and then find myself wanting to cry every time I open that door.
Why am I even complaining look at how they used to get it done. Could you imagine? I would have to find a new day job.HA!
I am going to use the same mindset I use in making sure my house doesn't become cluttered. Like never leaving a cup where I was sitting by making sure to bring it to the sink, or actually taking the few extra steps to put the dirty clothes in the hamper (Micah is still working on this), or cleaning the dishes in the sink before getting out new ones to use.
My tip for myself today will be fold the finished load before you start a new one. I mean come on, it will save me so much more time in the long run. Plus if I challenge myself in this way it will help me do it quickly to ensure I can get another load started. Ok people I will let you know how it goes.
I did do a little research to see if there were some tools to help and I did find this handy contraption called the FlipFold. Ever heard of it? Neither had I. Let me tell you, if we didn't hang 80% of our shirts I would have bought this bad boy in like 2.5 seconds. But for those of you who are interested you can find this tool here
There was also a great devotional I read a few weeks ago and thought it works well with today's tip. You won't be disappointed I assure you.Check it out here.

I also want to note that if my laundry room looked like any of these I would be happy excited to get the job done.

Look at this fun little number...
I found this personalized sign but can't find where it originated from and would like to have one personalized for my upcoming birthday. wink-wink!

Hope you all have a cluttered free week! Remember it's worth taking the extra steps...


DawnaHartman said...

How do you do that?!
As I'm sitting here at work today, and thinking about the non-nap I will probably take when I get home...I was also getting frustrated at myself because I left the very last load of laundry in the dryer last night. Why did I do that? I always do that. And their whites. Neil always wears white shirts. He's going to DEFINITELY be asking me "did you wash whites?" Uh. Why yes I did. Once again - left them in the dryer. Ugh!
FYI - they end up staying down there until I do laundry the next time, a week later.

The Ward Family said...

What a great post! I really enjoy reading them! I would love a laundry room like the last 2! Good luck! I have a harder time with mopping. If I did it often, then I wouldn't have to get on my hands and knees and scrub and take forever! :)

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

Those washrooms are so cool looking.

mysaseret said...

No matter what the day brings... I thank God, for my husband and children and new puppy "zina", and I remind myself..."my cup runneth over...with joy, laughter and sometimes a quiet sigh."
Oh, I love those wash rooms...makes me want to redo mine.