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Birthday Month

Which means...
drinking from the Birthday Girl mug everyday
and tasting lots of yummy treats
well...nothing different with Don
and lots of giggles!
It wasn't until I became next door neighbors with Shan and discovered we shared the same birthday month that it turned into something so awesome. Her birthday is in the beginning where mine is at the end of September. That was six years ago this month that our little tradition started.
Please note that when I say birthday month we aren't having the hubbies get us daily flowers, gifts or any other thing like this. We aren't spoiled brats people. It is really just sweet fun between Shan and I,  the rest of our families are just along for the ride. As neighbors we would leave little surprise love gifts for each other throughout the month and always made sure to have at least one BIG birthday breakfast all together. This September is the second in which we aren't just a few steps away from each other and yet I still received a special Birthday Month card in today's mail from her. (I am a bad friend and totally lagged on sending hers out)
This weekend kicks off the birthday festivities and I can't keep from singing (out loud) The Pointer Sisters "I'm so excited" lyrics!! I seriously am about to lose control and I think I like it a-whoo-hoo!
I will leave you with this awesome pic Shan posted on my Facebook page yesterday. It truly is so perfect.

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