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Our Family Retreat

We had been trying to get away all summer on a mini family vacay but so many things happened from the time Vernon was born that prevented such a trip. I love being home with my babes and soaking up as much life together as possible but I have to admit this was the longest I had not gone somewhere since the time Micah and I said "I do". Our last trip was to Vermont... last November... while I was still pregnant!! I know to many that is no big deal. I mean heck a lot of people don't even like to travel so me saying I was having issues with not flying anywhere for almost ten months sounds crazy, but for me it was CRAZY! Before this I think the longest length between a time of travel was 3 months... maybe.
What can I say we love to visit family, see new things, get away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California. So though we didn't fly anywhere, this lakefront cabin in Big Bear Lake was just the ticket this family (me) needed to recharge and rejuvenate. It became our home within the first few minutes. I mean I literally got the luggage out to dress Elsie and I in our bathing suits and out to the little sandy patch and dock were we for the rest of the night.
 checking out our view
 most of our time was spent here
 lounging on the dock
 Elsie loved feeding the ducks that were only steps from our deck
 helping daddy fish
 grilling and our view
 We all loved being out on the boat
 snacking and taking in the mountain view
 She just soaked in the rays while cuddling into me. My favorite part.
In the morning Micah and I would rise before the babes and sit on the edge of the dock, him trying to hook a fish, me swooning over past months magazines I never got around to reading, all the while soaking in the beauty of the lake and quietness of this place.
There were so many wonderful moments this weekend that I literally am so sad to leave. Fishing, renting a boat, grilling on the deck, lounging on the dock, playing in the sand, reading lots of books, play doh, cuddling (lots of cuddling), wearing only pj's and bathing suits will be dearly missed but mostly the serenity  here is what I will be longing for when I return home.
I can't explain it, this place, having no agenda, no rush to clean up, nothing to get ready for, just This was the most amazing vacation I have ever had. It is exactly what a vacation is supposed to be. I have tons of stuff to do in my everyday life, places to go, people to see, so coming to a place where there is nothing but quality time and memories being made was a dream.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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