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Thankful this Tuesday

I can go on and on about how wonderful my hubby is but I don't want to make you gag before you have your tea & scone (or your coffee & toast). There are days when I know I'm not very pleasant, but he still is kind. I know some days he thinks I put too much on my plate and so when I get stressed, he gets stressed... only because he cares. I know that no one can make our babies (and me) giggle as hard as he can. I also know that I can count on him for absolutely anything ANYTHIING!
That anything could even be something as simple as making an outing fun even if it just happens to be a random stop into the local Big Lots down the street to stock our cart full of endless bargains and random snacks. Just when I thought we were wrapping up the semi shopping spree I heard over the the store's speakers none other than Wilson Phillips singing "Hold On". I turned and looked at him with my arm outstretched only to find he had already closed his eyes with one arm raised and the other on his chest belting the chorus which of course I joined in with him. If this image isn't hitting your funny bone yet, let me paint a brighter picture for you.
This was an impromptu shopping trip to gather last minute items for our family vacation to Big Bear Lake later this week. The babes (and us) had just woken from our afternoon naps and literally drove over there. Me with absolutely no make-up on. I mean c'mon it's labor day... no labor right? The rest of the clan looked like rift-raft as well which instantly made me laugh as we were piling into the car. So back to us both singing with no shame in either of our games. 
Imagine Vernon hanging on me in the Babyhawk (love this) and Elsie pushing a toy shopping cart behind us in the store all the while her mama & daddy are belting out the lyrics to the infamous Wilson Phillips. I thought I could stop once the chorus ended but I didn't and nor did Micah. We sang it out loud,  hands raised to the sky and doing a little dance to this oh so catchy song. As the song ended and we made our way to the register I couldn't help but smile because I know no matter what, my hubby can ALWAYS make me laugh...even in the darkest of times. I love him so and today, on this not so special Tuesday I am thankful for him. Oh so thankful.

Prov 17:22 "A Cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."
Micah is definitely good medicine.

Devotion Link
If you click on the above link, this was my morning devotion and though I didn't need this insight and encouragement for my marriage I did need to hear it regarding other relationships I have out there. I'm off to write down things I am thankful for now towards the people I feel the enemy has put a separation between. God is so good! Can I get an Amen...mmm-hmm.

If you have no idea what song I am referring to I went ahead and attached a youtube music video for you below. ENJOY!

What are you thankful for today? 

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Dawna said...

I almost spit out my ranch dressing/carrot combo reading that. I can totally picture you guys!!!! Love you guys & miss you so much....