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My Sunshine(s)

Today it is gloomy out. A subtle reminder that summer is coming to an end and the new season will be rolling in. But let's face it, I live in Southern California and this glum weather will be over in a flash and we will be laying poolside come mid October. I have mixed emotions about the weather. I love Fall and all it's goodness and am kind of biting at the bit to decorate for it, but have this tiny twinge of sadness to see summer go. I don't feel I really took advantage of it this summer like I usually do. Did I lay out enough? No. Did I go to the beach enough? definitely not. Did I eat enough ice cream with Elsie? Maybe. I'm just not sure I soaked up enough sun is all... 
With today being overcast I automatically went into cuddle and kind of blah mode. The babies have been so precious this morn and are my little bits of Sunshine. Who needs the sun when you get these smiles to warm your soul.
I think today is a take the kids to the library and get myself a Pumpkin Spice Latte kind of day.
Hope you all find your Sunshine today.

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jennifer said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Those babies!