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The Beauty of Breakfast

Before I married Micah I wasn't much of a breakfast person. Even after that it took me a few years to come around. Now I can't go without it. If I do I'm basically out of fuel by lunch and can never get my energy back up to where it would've been if I just started off the day right. I normally try to have a healthy  breakfast packed with a punch, but there are days that this girl just wants something sweet. This morning was one of those especially because it was my breakfast with Micah. We try to have breakfast together once a week before he goes into work and I thought he deserved a fun breakfast today. Well it really came down to me needing to use my blueberries before they went bad and happened to have a few other key ingredients to make this delicousness.
The best part is I found the recipe on  so it's actually still pretty healthy. I made my own variation using the multi-grain pancake mix I had and they still came out so yummy! They were so light and fluffy that didn't leave either of us feeling sluggish for the rest of the day. So if you have any lemons and blueberries on hand I strongly suggest you try this goodness.
I made sure to make extra for when the Pearl woke up and they are definitely Elsie approved! 

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