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DIY: Mini Pennant (bunting) Cake Topper

I understand that there are probably a lot better tutorials out there on how to make these but I didn't have time to find one and just made my own after looking at inspiration online. Please note that I didn't need much length for this mini banner so this method worked well for me, however if I were going to be making this for a more lengthly project I would create a template and print it on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. Again that isn't necessary for a cake topper such as this.

Items needed:
Paper of your choice
Scissors or straight blade
Hot Glue Gun or Craft Glue
String that coordinates with your color scheme
Lolli Pop sticks or Cake Pop Sticks
Cake to stick your fabulous creation in

After selecting the colors of paper I would be using I got started.
First I decided on the size of my pennants and cut a triangle in my desired size to be used as my tracing tool.
I then selected the paper I was using first and folded it down from the top about an inch. 
Then I placed triangle flat part along fold and traced as many as I could on this fold
Then cut them out
I repeated this process with the other three colors of paper that I was using.
I then laid out the cut triangles in my pattern of choice (ie; yellow, green, purple, teal, yellow...) I opened the triangle, laid string inside making sure the string lay near the fold. (Important: please make sure to leave about 2" of string out so you can tie on stick) Squeeze just a dot of glue making sure not to glue the string
hold down for a few seconds then repeat with your next cutout
After I reached the length I wanted I cut the string about 2" after last triangle. Then I tied each end to top of stick about a 1cm from top of each.
So Easy I might just make these for any dessert and for any occasion.

Hope you all had a fab weekend!


Keia Mastrianni said...

Totally needed a cake banner in a pinch this afternoon. Thanks for the tutorial. I made it in a flash.

LeAnne Richards said...

Thanks for the idea. I am going to do something like this for my daughter's bday cake