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I woke up refreshed and ready to face the day today. It has been a full week of Vernon's new bedtime schedule and I love it. I nixed his 10:30 feeding and tried feeding him at 8:00 pm to see what would happen and sure enough he has been sleeping through the night until about 7:30-8:00 am! Woot-woot. I didn't mind his late night feeding because I am still up at that time but not having to get him up to feed, change diaper & clothes makes a big difference.
So back to this morning, after both babes were up and fed we ventured into the garden to gather some veggies for lunch and Elsie was squealing with excitement at all the red tomatoes she got to pick. Though they were small we gathered twenty-two of them. We plucked a medium sized spaghetti squash, lots of basil and some onion.
basil a plenty
Elsie and I played in her small blow up pool for a while before laying on the sunroom floor to read lots of books together. Shortly after, she decided she didn't want mama to read and asked to read by herself. That was my opportunity to grab my tea and take a walk around my lot to see what other produce treasures I could find. There are figs a plenty on my tree, which I'm hoping to can into fig jam and homemade fig breakfast bars. Then I went to see how our Concord grapes were coming along and I think just a couple more weeks until I can start canning Grape Jam and trying out the new Grape Pie recipe I found.
 don't you just want to eat them
still trying to figure this fragrant vine out? Think it is Madison Jasmine...

I prepared the spaghetti squash for lunch and was shocked beyond measure to watch Elsie practically lick her plate clean. I baked the squash and once it was tender I shredded it with a fork into a saute pan with some garlic. While those flavors combined I made homemade bruschetta with the other garden pickins' and tossed that into the pan. Oh my word was it delicious, plus the homemade sourdough bread my neighbors had baked us went fabulous with this meal. 
Both babies slept 2 1/2 hour naps which enabled me to catch up on some cleaning and some resting of my own. Afterward we three ran a few quick errands before grabbing dinner at Corner Bakery Cafe where there is a fountain for Elsie to run around and the sound of it to lull Vernon to sleep.Perfect. I bought myself one of these Maple Pecan Bars and a coffee to enjoy once the kiddos went down for bed and as I type this I am savoring my last bite...and so are my thighs.
I just checked the calorie count on these bad boys and looks like I need to stay up a bit longer so I can hit the elliptical.LOL. nah, I'm too tired, I'll just jump with Elsie on her trampoline tomorrow.
This was my Tuesday, how was yours?

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DawnaHartman said...

I cannot believe ALL of that grows in your garden!!!! That is seriously amazing.
And those pecan bars...drooling...
Your Tuesday sounded pretty much perfect :)