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Taste the Happy

What can make the happiest place on earth even happier? Meeting up there with people that make you happy of course!
Our passes are no longer blocked and since Elsie has been on repeat mode singing "It's a Small world" for the past two months, we had to go. Apparently so did Nat, Shan and Melissa. Since we all needed a Disney fix we last minute decided to all meet up there and it was awesome! We only stayed for a couple of hours to see the parade, ride a couple of rides, oh and get churros. Oh and cinnamon tea lattes. Oh and Dole Whips. Oh and corn dogs...Oh come on people let's get real. Us big girls (and boy) really just needed our Disney treat fix and used the littles as an excuse.Yummy fatty food + Disney Magic = Fantastic Evening!
 Vernon was on sensory overload after we rode It's a small world
 We LOVED the new parade
 Apparently Daddy was taking pics while I was buying Churros
 When the boys are away the girls will play. 
By boys I mean Micah & Vernon. Away means stading in line buying us Dole Whips. And by girls playing I mean riding Small World for the 2nd time. 
I love how Shan still looks pretty even when making this face
Yes it was humid, and yes I look greezy because of it. 

Can't wait to go again...which will probably be this weekend. 

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