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Caught up in it

Life that is.
So a lot has been going on, lemme see... Oh so Vernon turned 6 months old this past Monday.
he is this precious joke.

He has also started on solid foods and I got a little video of him trying Green Beans for the very first time. Excuse my arm for being in the way 90% of the time but Micah wasn't home to hold the camera. You get what you get people.
What else, oh ya Elsie and I had a girl's night. Which consisted of Yogurtland and shopping at Target. Something so simple yet she thought it was the best thing ever just her and I.
 mouthful of ice cream (yogurt)
I tried rocking a flower head band...
nuff said
We had a garage sale. Let me just say that it was off the chain! We made enough to convert Elsie's room into her big girl room plus some. Can I get a What-what?! We even went out to Nana Jean's for a celebratory lunch and you know how I feel about that place. Nat came over to help with the sale which was awesome. She is so great with the kids and putting me at ease when I am getting talked down to $0.50 from a five dollar item. I am cracking up at how we literally sold every single piece for way less than asking price and yet we still made more than we have at any other garage sale. I still do a little happy dance every time I think of it. 
Anyone else think she is getting too big, too fast?

We've had our usual family Barnes & Noble outing. Which consists of us getting treats from the Starbucks within and reading books on the floor in the kiddie area. This averages as a once a week thing for us.
As you can see, Vernon and I do very little reading.

Our new family venture was Downtown Disney. I mean it is awesome. Stores to shop, Live music for Elsie (and daddy) to dance to, lots of walking for Vernon to fall asleep in the stroller and Wetzel Pretzel bits...need I say more.
Well I think I brought you up to speed, well sort of. 

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Em said...

Hey natalie, cousin em glad you are enjoying life and all its unexpected suprises...I love how you put this together...we don't keep in touch as we should so little things like this and facebook are really have beautiful babies...take your time and enjoy every bit of them every second of the day because they do grow up too big too fast...all my love ...