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Five Months

At five months (little over five months actually) we still have no idea who Vernon looks like. There are characteristics from my dad when he was a baby and my oldest brother Bear when he was a baby and hints of my other brother Greg. Though we don't know who he looks like yet we do know he is the sweetest little man alive. We started him on rice cereal last week and he seems to like it. Not in love with it but he puts it down that's for sure. He is rolling over, which is hilarious during naptime because if he rolls over he just squeals like R2D2 until you roll him back over. 
his Big sis
Sophie his Giraffe
bath time

loud noises
the sun
being left alone for more that 2 minutes

He actually doesn't have many dislikes, he is an all around happy baby who brings so much joy to our lives. Just writing about him makes me want to go wake him up and squish him!

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Micah Ensor said...

I'm glad to see that the picture of our re-enactment of The Lion King made the collage!