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Swingin' good time

We Ensors' heading on out to a 1950's themed birthday party this past Saturday. Two of our fave little girls were celebrating their birthdays and doing it in style. I had every intention of sewing Elsie her own poodle skirt but you know how that goes, I never bought the fabric and so it never happened. I basically forgot that I wanted to do that until the day of.wha,wha,wha...
I also wish I would've taken a few shots of all the cute decorations they had for the party. From Root-beer floats to hula hoop games and strawberry float cupcakes (which were bomb diggity), this was such a cute event!
Of course no smile from our girl
me and my kiddos
Look at his chucks and flat cap, I need to go wake him up right now and squeeze him from just seeing how cute he is in this picture!
Vernon you are getting to be more and more handsome every day
she would not share one bite with me or her Aunt Nat
our little fam
she was so sweet just looking out the window
oh little Pearl, we love you so


Jammie said...

No Elsie looks so big. Vernon looks so cute and big too. Love those babies.

The Ward Family said...

Love these pictures of your family!

shannon said...

Once they figure out that our bites are way bigger than theirs, kids tend to stop sharing delicious desserts with adults. fact.

DawnaHartman said...

I want to squeeze that little man!! And Nat, I love your dress.

Ketan Patil said...

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Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful famiglia... :) <3

Jeanie Aurora said...

I haven't been on the computer for fun in months it seems! I have missed reading up on all your little adventures... Your little fam is so adorable and these pics are to. die. for!!

Big Love to you mama! xoxo


Steve Finnell said...

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