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Summer Kick off

So Elsie and I kicked off Summer yesterday by lounging in a blow up pool while enjoying popsicles. We picked zucchini, basil and lettuce from the garden to make a super yummy Zucchini Pizza with a fresh salad for when daddy arrived home. Perfect day!
Today was just as wonderful, not only because of the weather but because it was Vernon's four month check up. Our little man is healthy and very happy! He is weighing in at 16 lbs. WOO-HOO! He is our bubsy alright.
The weather was so perfect tonight Micah said we had to get out and walk to dinner, so we threw the kids in the car and headed over to our favorite park in Old Town and when we arrived we saw that they were setting up for some big event. I talked to someone while Micah and Elsie played on the equipment only to find out that it was the first Concert in the Park Summer Kick off.  Every Wed night until August the city puts on the these concerts. We were so stoked! We love these type of small town community events. We walked to our fave restaurant (Nana Jean's) for din and when we returned back to the park where we parked there where literally hundreds of people there. Dancing, eating and all enjoying the weather. We bought some shaved ice to share as a fam and decided that we will be partaking in this fun little event every week from here on out! Next time we'll be prepared with our own picnic basket and blanket in tow.
yes that is red cherry flavored all over her face
look at Vernon's chubby baby feet against the crisp green grass

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jennifer said...

Yay! E likes shave ice :) Looks like you guys are having fun. Tell that boy to slow down with his growing. Don't want him getting too big before I see him next.