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A San Francisco treat!

So we did it, we made the drive to San Francisco. We had been debating on it for weeks. Should we fly? Should we even go? Can we afford it right now? After we made the decision to go it was whether or not we should take our Pearl with us.  Should we take Elsie? Let's take her. No. Let's let her stay home with Grandma and Grandpa. We went back and forth up until the day we actually left.We knew at two she wouldn't enjoy walking miles of the city to shop and eat so we decided to let her stay back and just take Vernon. I'm not gonna lie, we cried while pulling out of the drive way and Micah and I talked about her all weekend long. I think Micah was worse than me this time. We took Josh along since he had never seen the city and because this was more of a visiting friends and family trip and not a romantic getaway trip, so we asked him to join in on the fun. The main reason for the trip was it was Tricia's birthday party weekend and we couldn't miss that. Initially we planned on staying in a hotel suite near the city but literally hours after we booked it Tricia called to inform me her in-laws were going to be out of town and we could stay in their beautiful home in Walnut Creek! EEEK! We were stoked. Not only would we save some moola but we would take the BART into the city to give Josh the full Bay area experience.
Vernon's first BART experience
Best crab ever! 3lbs of this goodness and it still wasn't enough
strolling the city
Look at him with his arm up. Just chillin' like a villain

We did San Francisco all day Friday which was literally walking from Powell street to shop, take in the city views, to Fisherman's wharf to eat at our FAVORITE crab restaurant, to walking to Ghiradelli Square for yummy chocolate goodness and then back to the BART station. Let's just say I couldn't feel my calves the next day. We visited Berkeley Saturday morning to do some vintage shopping and to show Josh the amazing University campus. We ran a few other quick errands and then headed to Tricia's Birthday Burrito Bash in San Mateo! They had the yummiest food and was such a laid back party. We all enjoyed it, even Josh!
he just slept wherever we took him. He was an amazing traveler
at the party
we returned home on fathers day to the happiest little girl.

I know we just got back but I love the Bay area so much I'm already longing to go again. Plus I didn't get enough time in with all my peeps. Speaking of peeps, we also were able to stay with my cousin Jess the last night and got a sneak peek at her beach house she is buying, I don't know why I don't have any photos with her but major FAIL on my part.
I guess I will just go make some Rice-a-Roni to hold me over until our next visit.

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DawnaHartman said...

Those photos were amazing!!!! They really make me want to go to SF - I haven't been since I lived in the bay area...I miss it.

PS. Where did you get those sunglasses? I can never find a pair with such a dark tint. I love 'em!