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Mondays Maid Simple:When coffee isn't enough

You know those mornings when you down your coffee in a few gulps like you were drinking water itself. That was this morning for me. I literally drank it in like two minutes flat. The problem was I had to go buy my coffee this morning instead of brewing my own because we were completely out of beans and apparently my medium sized cinnamon coffee wasn't enough and now I'm here needing more, but why? I mean my kids slept in today. I had to wake Vernon up at 8:30 to feed him and wake Elsie up at 9:15 because I couldn't wait any longer for my caffeine fix. I think I need a new routine. I mean Vernon has been sleeping through the night for some time now, so his routine is fine, but mine apparently is not. I went online this morning to find some tips. Hope you can benefit from some of these as well.
Click on this link for the tips:Waking up refreshed

In addition to some of these helpful tips I was thinking I need a cute eye mask and some rejuvenating body wash, I mean can't hurt right?
Seriously the cutest eye mask, unfortunately the price isn't so cute. So next week, this will be my new project, sewing cute eye mask such as these

I have heard fabulous things about this product. Since the kids sleep in later than me these days, I'm thinking about showering in the a.m. and starting the day with this stuff.

Well I wish you all a restful week!

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Anonymous said...

Geez, rub it in why don't you that your babies slept it! My baby gets up by 6 am lol!