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My oh my how time flies. Since my last post I have read five novels, had the Ensor family visiting for family vacay and have made a few zucchini dishes using the fresh zucchini from our garden. Oh and my little bro graduated high school. Oh and I have a new obsession with Indian food (I want it everyday) and well, I guess a lot has happened since my last post but don't have time to talk about everything.
I feel like I was avoiding a dear friend by not signing on to my blog or even visiting my fellow bloggers these past couple of weeks. I have been enjoying my babies, friends, family and books so much that I kind of forgot about the internet completely. I say kind of because in the back of my mind I kept thinking, "must check email" and "should post pics on my blog" and yet I never got around to it. Nap time which is usually my internet time very quickly turned into reading time and then I kind of got stuck into a new routine and next thing I know days have turned into weeks and I start getting random stalkerish emails from my dear ones saying "what is up with you not blogging" HAHA! So I'm here with nothing more than update pictures and to apologize for my recent lack of interest in my blog.

I still can't believe he graduated. Why you gotta grow up like that Josh?
 S'mores in the backyard
 Elsie's first S'more!
 My bizillionth S'more
 Micah devoured his marshmallow
 Story time with cousins
 Katy cracked me up the whole week she was here
 Though the water was freezing the girls (little ones) wanted to go swimming everyday
 the cousins lovin up on Vernon
 Aunt Kiki and Uncle Ken
 Beach day was a bust for me. This was taken during the five minutes I was there. Vernon was not feeling the wind
Chili Cookoff & Street Fair
He is such the little man now
Really, what can I say other than...Priceless!!!
Yes I was stoked to be gathering fresh lettuce leaves for my salad

So after downloading the pictures from the family Ensor vacay I soon discovered that the whole time I was taking pictures I was using Jenn's camera and not my own. We have the exact same camera and I'm super bummed to not have all the fun cousin shots to share with you. These are literally some of the few pics I have from the whole nine days they were here. 

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Gary said...

What a great blog and beautiful pictures of the family.