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Mondays Maid Simple: Slipper Genie

I hate the feeling of crumbs or dust or anything on the bottom of my feet and it seems in this house that it is unavoidable. From the moment I get out of bed in the morning I slide into some form of sandal or slipper to ensure that this won't happen. That is until I discovered these bad boys.
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The Slipper Genie. I know some of you have already heard of these fabulous slippers but I hadn't until I saw them in last months issue of Real Simple mag. I ordered them off amazon as soon as I saw them because my whole house is hardwood floor, linoleum or tile. Basically a crumb and dust trap. Even though I sweep religiously it doesn't seem to help, but these do.
Not only do these little gems help me clean without even having to try but they are super comfy and a breeze to clean. The bottom part detaches and all you have to do is pop them in the wash. All the while I can still wear them as regular slippers while the bottom part is being washed. I even bought the mens pair for Micah and he thinks they are super comfortable as well and doesn't even realize he is helping me clean by walking around the house. HAHA! I love these things and will probably invest in every color.
So if you're looking for something to throw on while lounging around the house and you don't have a carpeted home I really suggest getting a pair of these. You won't regret it.
Have a fabulous week.


DawnaHartman said...

I love this.
I need those.

Bianca said...

OMG, gotta have...

GirlCute102 said...

Thanks for share.......!
I like this

Girl Cute 102!