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Our weekend was filled with fun, friends and family. I had planned all these things in my head to do with the kiddos but then had this slap of realization that Elsie is two and Vernon is two months. They don't care about all this hype and lots of things, so with that we relaxed, gardened, dyed eggs, enjoyed a day with our Q's, and a day with my fam. For the first time in my entire life we went out to a restaurant for Easter Brunch and it was amazing. No prep, clean up,and the food was amazing! We went to a new little local place called Nana Jean's. I think it is officially my new local fave and can't wait to take everyone I know there to get a taste of not only their warm hospitality but scrumptious food as well.
 a peek at our garden
 Vernon was in on the egg dying action too
 Elsie pointing out Vernon"s egg
 my little carrot
 Shan lovin up on Vernon
Elsie couldn't get enough bouncing in with her Q's
 Elsie eating her first Peep
she loved the egg hunt
 Their Church wear

Easter  baskets
my hair went completely blah after sitting in an outside service and got sprinkled on

I'm super bummed that we didn't get a family shot together but we didn't have my fam over until after 4:00 pm so I was already out of our Easter garb and into my comfy couch clothes.Lame I know. I also realized I didn't get any shots of Elsie opening her baskets, shot with my parents or anything else. What is happening to me? I used to take pictures of everything!
I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday weekend!


molly june. said...

ah, what fun! you have the cutest kids. and you're lookin' hot mama :)

p.s. we need to add a pic of vernon on the sidebar :) send me one over & i'll do it for you! xo

Kristi and Ken said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing the Easter pics! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! I love Elsie's little eyes in the pic of her trying a peep- so cute! Love seeing the pics of little Vernon too- can't wait to come meet him!