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Mondays Maid Simple

You don't need to worry, I am fully aware that it is Wednesday and not Monday but since my Mondays have been anything but simple this is what you get, a post on Wednesday that doesn't really involve a tip for you but what took place for me on Monday. So here you have it. I promise a real tip next week.
My Monday was actually made a lot simpler because Nat or as Elsie says, "Nat Nat"(for Aunt Nat) took the day off of work and came and hung with us Ensors. She has a Disneyland pass as well and since Micah's just expired and Elsie has asked everyday since Vernon has arrived to go, we made the trip. Knowing I had her there to help made me feel comfortable venturing out with both kiddos on such an undertaking. I just carried Vernon in my Maya Wrap and Nat had Elsie in the stroller or in her arms. It was such a nice break from our day to day routine er..not so much routine but day to day chaos that I could see a definite change in Elsie. She was so sweet to Vernon all day and wanted him to go on all the rides. She went as far as to ask to kiss him before her nap, I couldn't believe it! 
Apparently I needed this outing as much as Elsie if not more because my spirits felt lifted and I have been going strong ever since. Thanks Nat Nat for the extra love this week. We love you!
Vernon is pictured, just inside my wrap.
 Here are a few pics of the little man. He is changing so much already!


Kristi and Ken said...

Sounds like such a lovely day! So glad you got to give yourself a break and have some fun! Thank you so much for all the pictures! Can't wait to meet the little man!

shannon said...

Hey! I was going to say "lovely." Dang it, Kristi. Anyway...lovely.