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What's the haps yo?

So what's been happening in my neck of the woods besides my Pearl turning 2 and Vernon gaining a whopping three pounds his first month! Oh lots of things actually. Jammie & Papa (Micah's folks) came to visit, or help out really. They have been awesome loving on Elsie and giving me mommie breaks as needed. My little brother Greg flew into town and will be here a couple of weeks. My older brother turned 30 this week (weird) We survived our first event at the house in celebration of Elsie's birthday, Vernon's arrival and our new home. We got some new furniture. Found out there is an awesome Farmer's market down the street. Oh and I finally feel normal again. I am still tired and don't quite have everything together but I feel like myself. I'm loving this new chapter in our lives (except for the new Elsie meltdowns) and I'm excited to get to know my little Vernon more. He is so sweet. He grunts like crazy while sleeping and awake. He looks longingly at you with the sweetest eyes of blue and when not grunting has the sweetest little coos I've ever heard. He.Is.Precious!

 this is what Elsie chose to wear out for her birthday breakfast
She can't hold up two fingers on one hand to represent she is two so she uses one from each hand
 of course Minnie joined 
 Jace & Jan meeting their Grandson 
my parents got her a radio flyer tricycle!
 we opened her gifts the next day. and even though it was raining she insisted on wearing the new hello kitty swimsuit from Aunt Nat while opening the remainder of the gifts.Such a California girl
 Uncle Greggy meeting Vernon
 Vernon's month appointment, weighed 9 1/2 lbs. Woot-woot!
 train ride at the park
This was a video we created for the party but never got around to showing it. Enjoy!

Now with all of our guests gone and I'm settling into my new routine, I think we might just stay in our pj's all day and listen to the rain while eating lots of fatty treats.
Hope you all have a fab weekend!


Asquare said...

That swimsuit? So jealous they did not have my size! And that picture of her cheesing it up while opening her presents? I have to say I have only seen a handful of baby pictures of you, but she is the spitting/splitting image of you both in that picture!

Steph said...


Perez Family said...

Your Video was adorable! It's funny because my son just grunts all the time too! I think its a boy thing, because Jayda never grunted lol. I told Nick I think those are signs of a future temper lol OH NO! Congrats again on Vernon! He is adorable and I think he looks like you! Don't worry the Elsie meltdowns are normal, Jayda has been so emotional since Jeremiah has been here. I feel bad, but its all adjustment I guess. We should get together sometime:)