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Cross Country Cookin

Hi, I'm alive. I know I have been a total slacker but I am in survival mode here people. I'm am just trying to get through each day. I will post more on motherhood in another post but wanted to try and make up for not keeping up with my regular weekly goodness.
In lieu of not exchanging recipes with the sis I have decided I will post recipes of meals that have been prepared for our family during these past couple of weeks.
The first recipe is for a breakfast casserole our friend Sam made us. It was anything but breakfast. Super hearty and because of the italian sausage in it we had it for dinner and lunch and killed this dish in two days flat! Super Yummy! Check her blog here for the recipe.
 This was the finished product!
We are so grateful to her and all those who have prepared meals for us. Fast food will never compare to a home cooked meal and we love you all for your generosity. Plus I'm so over Del Taco. Don't judge me, it's down the street and the easiest thing to get to.

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