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Wednesday Wish List

So as I was updating a few items on my baby registry I got totally sidetracked and started shopping around for myself. That is what happens when you register on Amazon. I never make wish lists for myself but in the last few days have come to terms that my life is going to get a little more hectic (ok a lot more hectic) in a few weeks and so I created a sort of "Mama List" of some things that might help simplify or even help me feel normal in those first couple months with no sleep. I think I should have done this when I was preggo with Elsie...

First on the list is a Ped Egg
I have heard wonders about this and seeing as how my postpartum butt won't be getting out to get a pedicure this would be nice to have.

How about a facial kit. Something to rejuvenate the skin. I have only had one real facial in my life and it was amazing, but let's get real, if I'm not getting one on a regular basis now it's not going to happen after Mr. Vernon comes into my world. So I think I could settle for something like this below.

and while I'm on fixin' my face how about some new skin care. I need some desperately, I'm starting to see circles under my eyes and that I am looking pretty haggard lately, this will only get worse after the baby.
I love philosophy and think I would very much benefit from this kit

Body Firming lotion would be nice and very necessary.
Bliss brand rocks and the name of their firming cream has me sold alone. 
This may seem off the wall but I take lots of pictures of Elsie and can only imagine this will get worse when Vernon arrives and I'm snapping shots of each of them. A new lens would not only help save money from rushing out to get professional shots every 3 months but would make my photo shoots of the kids easier.
Now this is more of a selfish wish but how cute to have me and my babes in matching shoes right? What better way to have a pair for each of us while donating to another child across the world. We Ensor's could so rock these

Umm was anyone else aware that Amazon sold See's candy? I wasn't! This just opened a whole new love affair with Amazon and I. What new mama doesn't need some of this goodness to get through those first few days.

Now I am fully aware that this next item isn't anywhere to be found on Amazon (trust me I looked) but I think it would be nice to have for the first six months after Vernon arrives. You know just to help out.
A house cleaner. Not a weekly one but even just a once a month detail would be fabulous!

So now here is my question. Do I add these items to my Amazon baby registry and see if people think I'm nuts, because I mean mama needs some love too. Or would one of you be so kind to have Micah read this post so he can get one or two off the list. No subtlety here, HAHA!


Anonymous said...

Nat, Pat has 2 ped eggs, enough said!

DawnaHartman said...

I had no clue you could register on - that is UH-mazing!!! And I've had a wish list going for quite sometime on my's necessary :)