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Swelling, stretching & sore back Oh My!

So my feet are swelling.
Hello did you hear me? 
Trying to stay calm.
still breathing. 
oh what is that, a stretch mark? Is that really a stretch mark?
I never had any with Elsie and here, in all its life ruining glory it appears.
right in the middle of my tummy.
I can't stay calm about that.
I stood up to go potty first thing as always and fell back over.
My upper back is sore?
lower I understand but now why my upper?
I haven't got up yet. I just reached for my laptop to blog about it all.
This is nuts!
I have lots of little things to pack up today and a toddler that needs to get out of the house.
because it's empty.
and boring.
and if we both stay in today I will lose it.
because I will not be preoccupied and I will think of 
my swelling feet
and be reminded that I can't DO anything
because of my back being so sore.
and that I'm 36 weeks pregnant. 
I'm exactly four weeks out from today.
Lord help me find the strength today.
and calm my soul.
I think this stretch mark is going to do me in people. 
Like fo realz yo!

this card made me smile though. found it online while searching for a miserable picture of a pregnant person to help put a visual of how I feel. 


Jeanie Aurora said...

Not sure if u are using any oils, but go to the health food store and get "Mother's Blend".... I seriously used it everyday with both pregnancies and never got a single stretch mark! It will help!!!

Hang in there, you are in the home stretch now. Soon you will have a beautiful babe in your arms and you will forget all about those pesky aches & pains!


DawnaHartman said...

In the last 2 days, my feet have been swelling - ankle bones are barely in existance. ANNNNND, on my one side - a stretch mark. It's about 2 inches long, and faint - but it's there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I.Am.Freakin'.Out about it.