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my latest news

So today I was supposed to get my tum tum measured, checked for any dilation and all that other jazz but my doctor was in surgery, so after 45 minutes of waiting Elsie and I left because we were meeting up with the owner of the new house to do the final walk through. The only thing I got out of that waste of a time appointment was that I gained SIX pounds in TWO WEEKS! I seriously almost fainted off the scale. She had to talk me down because she could tell I was flustered when I walked into the room without my shoes, bag or Elsie. She reminded me that I hadn't gained any weight in the past month and that this was healthy. All I heard was "waa- waa- waa waa-waa-waa" like the background vocals of Charlie Brown's teacher. All that meant to me was In & Out was no longer on the menu for lunch... enough of that before I get more upset rehashing the whole thing.
Onto my wonderful new home. (enter happy *sigh* here) The house is amazing and I couldn't be more excited to get all of our stuff in there and call it our own already. Here are a few shots we snapped while there. 
If you can get past how HUGE I am these are just a few of the beautiful flowers in our new backyard.
Here is Elsie in what she kept calling "Farm"
and oh yes that is a full on red barn in my backyard with a built in chicken coop where I will have my three egg laying hens soon! right off of this barn is where the produce garden will be.
I was only able to snap a few shots since we were getting down to business and doing the walk through, which was basically me just asking what fruit trees were on the lot and how many actually produce fruit. Seems I have an apricot, plum, loquat and lots of concord grape vineyards growing freely. Oh and a huge Fig tree. hip-hip-hooray!
No pictures of the inside but will post those after we move in on Monday! The house itself is a 1956 gem in almost all it's original cuteness! It is so warm and cozy I can't stand it and Elsie is already calling it "New Home" We love, Love, LOVE our new place and can't wait to share it with all of you!
okay I must go nap now before I eat something instead.


Anonymous said...

How cute Nat, and what fun you will have with your family, farming and just fun family living. Best wishes. And your not FAT you skinny person you. Love you Desiree

jennifer said...

If you are huge then I'm .....well we won't talk about what I am. Try not to worry about the number. It's all for my little nephew and it will probably all melt off as soon as you have him. Ps. Where exactly did you gain?

molly june. said...

oh, you. you are just GORGEOUS! beautiful! prettypants! :) ha. made that one up. no, seriously. you're HOTT. so quit yer belly achin.'


a new house?! with a chicken coupe? and fruit trees? JEALOUS! congrats!

TexasNeals said...

wow, your new place sounds AWESOME!!!! fruit trees, grapes and chickens, fun :)
ok, and you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO not big!!! i'm gonna have to post a picture of myself soon just to make you feel better. your belly looks so cute and small for as far along as you are. i. am. huge!!! and i still have 2 months to go?!?! ;)
so many exciting things happening in your life. so excited for you :)