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Mondays Maid Simple

Happy Monday all! Unfortunately today's tip isn't something I'd call...
... but it totally saved me last week when I was in a pinch. For some odd reason the guest bathroom sink in our house has drained extremely slow since living here and then all of a sudden stopped draining completely and was holding water like a well. This is the least used sink in the house which is why I thought it strange it clogged so easily. Apparently that is why it did. I read somewhere that because there isn't constant hot water and flow like a kitchen sink or other more used sinks it is more prone to build up.
Seeing as how I had a realtor coming to show the house, a baby napping and no Draino on hand I needed a  home remedy type solution for this. I was hoping I could just dump vinegar down it or something like this but found an even simpler solution.
The Plunger. I found the idea here and knew this is what I would do. Knowing the first option of the vinegar and baking soda idea wouldn't work because my sink wasn't draining at all I thought I'd give this a go.
Well, after only a few seconds of plunging my sink was as good as new. AMAZING! So easy and the best part it was FREE!
So slap on your apron and your super cute gloves and do your thang girl! Even Micah was impressed with this one. 
check out etsy for some super cute gloves!

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Asquare said...

You know what that plunger has touched, right?