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Mondays Maid Simple

Okay so today my Monday wasn't so simple which is why I didn't have a tip for all you anxiously awaiting peeps. I had a wonderfully planned day but need I say more...
The day actually turned out great but it didn't give me a chance to post a special V-day post as I had wanted to.
Elsie and I met up over at Samantha's house from Vintage is for Lovers with a couple other friends and their precious babes for a Valentine's Day play date! It was super relaxing and fun for the kids. All the little ones had valentine treats for each other which was awesome and there were lots of yummy treats for us mommas. Let me just say, you can never have enough chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, ever! I ate enough sweets to compensate as my breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Totally enjoying the afternoon with the ladies I hadn't noticed the time (after 4:00 pm!!!) so unfortunately I had to rush out of there to meet a realtor at my house at 4:30 only to realize that I hadn't dropped off the chairs I rented for the tea! So of course I drove like a mad woman all over with my tired lil' bug in the backseat. In lieu of a nap she ate lots of sweets and hung out with her buddies, so she was beyond exhausted. Needless to say I dropped off the chairs and drove up to the house to see the realtor and her clients waiting.
To make a long post longer our tradition for Valentine's Day is to order yummy pizza and watch a movie. Normally I take care of this but seeing as how my day went Micah picked up the pizza, drinks and a Cannoli for us on his way home. Perfect!

We all snuggled up on our mattresses laying on the floor in the master suite because we have no other furniture in the house and enjoyed our special Valentine's dinner as a family.
Micah is laying Elsie down now and I'm excited to snuggle back up and watch a movie together and that brings me to my Maid Simple tip this week.
Simplify your life, when it's one of those days don't try to be a Super Wife, or mom or even friend. Just order the stinkin' pizza, whip up a quick salad and call it a day!
Make sure to check out Apron Strings tip of the week it really is swell.
Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day, I know I certainly did.


Steph said...

Great advice, Nat! Something we all need to be reminded of at some point.

Steph said...

Great advice, Nat. It's something we all need to be reminded of at some point.

Samantha Schroeder said...

"Order the stickin' pizza" and ("take the cannoli")! Love it! xo