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Cake or Cannoli?

Last night I had my first full blown honest to goodness, gotta have it right now, pregnancy craving. I wanted Rainbow Chip Cake (Duncan Hines boxed mix of course) or a cannoli from a little italian restaurant called Casanova down the street from us. Micah being as sweet as he is asked, "Do you have a boxed cake mix I can make for you?" Touched by the fact that he chose to make a cake first rather than choose the more convenient option of calling in an order made me of course go with the Cannoli. Seeing as how Vernon is taking up every square inch of my stomach I unfortunately was only able to eat half rather than lick up the whole plate on my own as I intended. But look at this thing I mean doesn't it just look scrumptious! It was.

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DawnaHartman said...

Neil would kill for that!