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Mondays Maid Simple

Good afternoon everyone! Are you ready to start a new week. I know I certainly am, especially with another special segment, bit, section or as I like to call it "new flare" of my blog. In addition to my previous post sister recipe exchange (real title pending) my dearest Shan and I are teaming up in efforts to bring new household tips for all of you each Monday, hence the name Mondays Maid Simple. You may already know about the tips we share or use the products we point out, nevertheless our hope and g
oal is that you will come across something new and helpful for your domestic duties thus not making only your Mondays simple but your life as well. Hope you enjoy.
Please click here Apron Strings to view Shannon's tip and add her to your blogs to follow as well so you can see each weekly post, and don't forget to look out for her Thank you note Thursday posts!

Todays Tip: Have you ever handled garlic/onion and your hands smell to high heaven afterwards. You even wake up the next morning with that smell embeded under your nails...gross, I know. Well, if you haven't already you must pick yourself up one of these bad boys. It works amazingly and rids of other potent odors you may handle while in the kitchen.
Stainless Steel Soap Bar. Isn't it so sleek looking as well.

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DawnaHartman said...

I need to buy one of these stat!!! No idea they even existed.