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Is it really a new year?

Ok so happy 2011 my peeps! Where did the time go? I mean I didn't even blog about our Christmas and it is already the 4th of January. Craziness I tell you. Well let's see where to begin, we spent Christmas in the beautiful Ruidoso Mountains with Micah's family. We celebrated with my family the weekend before that as well as with our Q's the eve before Christmas Eve. It was nice to get away from it all and watch Elsie play with her cousins, or as she says her "tousins" for the week. She loves her family so much and it was so sweet to see her interact with her Jammie, Papa aunts and uncles. As soon as we flew home we headed over to the Q's to ring in the New Year. As always that was a blast and we actually stayed awake past midnight (not like us, unless we are actually at a New years event) We finished off the first weekend of the year by putting Christmas away and cleaning our house to get ready for whatever lies ahead. Here are some pics from our Christmas holiday. I included pics from the ornament exchange with my gals, Christmas with my fam, the Qs', the Ensors' and New years day.
Oh on a totally different note I'm 30 weeks tomorrow and it is the only thing I can think about! I haven't registered for Vernon nor have I decided on a color scheme for his room. Speaking of his room we're not even sure if we will be moving before he is born or after nor have we decided on a middle name... Oy Vey! The pressure is on...

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